If Love is an Ocean

If love is an ocean then I’m sure to die and drown

Because the beauty of your soul is something that can’t be recreated or found

I never expected to find love so sweet

Simply, blissfully kind, your words like honey – smooth and deep

You’ve healed the wounds that I’ve tried to heal myself

Convinced me that hurt is only temporary and joy can be continually felt

I hope that you understand the sincerity of my emotions

Even though I struggle to express them often

But for you I share my sublime feelings

I give you the depths of my soul with all clearance

I don’t love this passionate without reservation

But for you I’ll say forget the past and accept the consolation that this feeling is new

Something I never thought I’d discover

I pray that your heart feels at ease knowing that everyday I see you in my future dreams


Something New

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a more angelic face

Your heart is more valuable to me than any rare gem in a safe

If I could, I would spend all my time just wrapped up in your embrace

If I did, I wouldn’t get anything accomplished but it’s worth a feeling that can’t be replaced

You bring out the best in me and I’ve never had this before

It’s something new…I don’t want to lose

I promise to cherish it forever more


What do You Want

I don’t want this social media, instagram, stock photo orchestrated “love”

I want an old fashioned, what people write about but only hope to experience once in lifetime type of love

A love that is built on tradition. A love that feels like a home cooked meals from scratch. Flour, starch, kneaded dough into grandma’s buttered biscuits type of love

Something worth the wait like Thanksgiving dinner when the macaroni and cheese ain’t ready yet love

I want that, I couldn’t imagine leaving you because my soul is latched to yours and I understand if we weren’t together, our purposes wouldn’t be fulfilled. That unshakable, unmovable love…

We make the world a better place by people just seeing us in love type of love

That through thick and thin I got your back and even though I’m not perfect I want to do everything to please you type of love

That our legacy will last for generations and our children’s children will tell stories about our type of love

Only time will tell but I would welcome the experience with open arms


A Beautiful Mess

This year has been a perfect mixture of beauty and chaos. 

2017 was transformative and with a little bit over a month left in the year, I finally appreciate the beautiful messiness I experienced.

As frustrating as it was for me, letting go of my blueprint for 2017 was the best thing that happened.

I’ve never been more happier to embrace the journey, with its twists, unexpected detours and hidden surprises. 

Dealing with the unexpected shows us who we really are. Those moments help us examine ourselves. Our true maturity is determined when we cannot control life’s circumstances. How will we react when our plans fail? What attitude will we have when things don’t happen in the time that we expected them to?

Ultimately, we are being shaped into better versions of ourselves through the things we can’t control. 

I am hope to appreciate not having all the answers. I hope to trust that my process is developing me into the best version of myself. 


Good Gift

The most important thing you could do for yourself is to accept who you are. In a world that teaches us to pick ourselves apart, learn to embrace your uniqueness. 

It took me a while to embrace my quirky awkwardness. It took me a while to embrace my my flaws- the ones that I zeroed in on every single day. It took me a while to embrace that these were the things that made me the person that I was. It was my magic. My beauty. 

Just simply me. 

As a potter shapes clay, we are fashioned in a way- designed by the Creator as good gifts. 

Every good present and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father who made the sun, moon, and stars – James 1:17 

I enjoy receiving good gifts (I’m sure we all do), especially gifts that are thoughtful and come from the heart. 

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are a good gift.

Good gifts are cherished and appreciated 

Good gifts are valuable 

Good gifts are rare

So today, I charge you to change your perception and start seeing yourself as one of God’s masterpieces. 



I’m learning to enjoy solitude

Embracing the stillness

Hearing my own heartbeat 

Discovering the depths of my soul 

Unlocking hidden secrets that can only be revealed in quietness 

Why haven’t I’ve done it before? Was I afraid of missing of piece of me that I thought you carried?

I’m starting to believe that silence the cure to the pain. 

I’m wrapping my arms around solitude

I’ve ran away for far too long