A War in my Members 

I’ve been in a fight with myself before…

Anxious thoughts entangled me, choking out any sense of peace I once had

The struggle intensified with every passing moment. What was the purpose of my breath? What was the purpose of my being?

I felt lifeless and unable to continue 

I can remember that moment when I almost let go

No one knew and I doubted no one could understand. I came to terms with the fact that I was broken

I didn’t want to be viewed as weak, unable to finish the course set before me but I was…

I was tired, heart heavy with pain. Tired from being all to others but nothing to myself

In that moment. A decision needed to be made

A small voice pierced through the loudness of the chaotic chatter in my mind

A voice of pure love telling me that I was more than the bottle

I was more than the ending I planned

That my purpose was bigger than that moment

I hold on to that memory and will forever immortalize the day when I won the fight against myself 


Author: wandererchronicles

Welcome. Just a brief snapshot of my thoughts. I hope to inspire healing through my words and experiences. Much love 💜

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