Good Gift

The most important thing you could do for yourself is to accept who you are. In a world that teaches us to pick ourselves apart, learn to embrace your uniqueness. 

It took me a while to embrace my quirky awkwardness. It took me a while to embrace my my flaws- the ones that I zeroed in on every single day. It took me a while to embrace that these were the things that made me the person that I was. It was my magic. My beauty. 

Just simply me. 

As a potter shapes clay, we are fashioned in a way- designed by the Creator as good gifts. 

Every good present and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father who made the sun, moon, and stars – James 1:17 

I enjoy receiving good gifts (I’m sure we all do), especially gifts that are thoughtful and come from the heart. 

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are a good gift.

Good gifts are cherished and appreciated 

Good gifts are valuable 

Good gifts are rare

So today, I charge you to change your perception and start seeing yourself as one of God’s masterpieces. 


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