November 2016

I just want to be adored. It seems my whole life I’ve been trying to find that missing piece saying the statement over and over again. 

I just want to be adored

Though violent words were thrown at me like punches, heartbreaks to heartaches, 

the fact remains- I just want to be adored


An Ode to You – 3/10/17

Maybe over time you’ll remove the fear guarding your chest cavity then I can prove how deep my love could penetrate the confines of your heart. 

It’s sad that I’m realizing no matter what I give, I’m still no competition for time. No comparison to the past. In your eyes, I can’t measure up to it. 

With my love, I could fill the voids. Respect your sanctuary, your sanctity your mind.

You’ve written letters to the one you thought you would spend eternity with, conversation whispered at night, empty words combined with intentionally unkept promises.

Let me show you something different. Let me give you peace and comfort. Let me give you commitment and confidence. 

To be vulnerable is a gift, to love is to sacrifice and that’s all I want you to experience…

Sincerely Yours,

I’m Learning to be Free

Woke up this morning and had this on my mind…

 I’ve felt so free lately and I’ve been waiting a while to feel this way.  

It’s something liberating about sharing those thoughts we push down so deeply in our hearts. It’s liberating to feel and understand that your words matter.

The world needs to hear our voices. The words we are afraid to speak can bring healing to others.